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Erin at Good Earth in Minneapolis
Handwritten greeting - Hi! I'm Erin.

I’m an instructional technologist, front-end developer, and graphic designer from Lincoln, Nebraska. 

I work for the Department of English at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where I am pursuing a Master’s degree in English. I earned a Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities in 2017 and have since taken non-degree graduate courses in community forestry, horticulture, and science communication. I currently serve as president of Lincoln’s Community Forestry Advisory Board and am a Nebraska Science Ambassadors program alum. When I’m not working, studying, or obsessing over the aforementioned interests, you can find me reading, gardening, podcasting, taking photos of birds and plants, and hanging out with my husband and our dog, Scout.

I have 10 years of web development experience and over 15 years of graphic design experience. In my current role, I design websites, posters, digital signage, brochures, newsletters, logos, banners, and social media content.

I am not currently accepting new freelance projects.

Through my education and employment at UNL, as well as through my volunteering and board work, I have contributed to (and/or spearheaded)  a wide variety of projects. Links to project sites and slides from presentations I’ve given can be found on my Projects & Publications page.

I write creative non-fiction, scholarly papers, news stories, and lots and lots of technology guides and documentation. I also authored a chapter on tree selection and maintenance for a  Master Street Tree Plan proposal presented to the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department.

My latest obsession is photographing the wide variety of  birds that visit our maple tree and backyard bird feeders. I also love macro photography, which allows me to get up close and personal with plants, trees, and friendly neighborhood invertebrates.



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