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Design Portfolio

Web Design

Joy Castro, author and professor of English and Ethnic Studies

Dana V. Baker, Attorney-at-law

Marco Abel, professor of English and Film Studies

Graphic Design

Posters and images for digital signage

The Reading Series

I had the honor of designing graphics for the brand new University of Nebraska Reading Series. The inaugural event featured author, cultural critic, and alumna Roxane Gay. I was familiar with Roxane and her work, and I knew her to be bold, witty, and a great lover of the color pink. Each of those characteristics is reflected in the original design, and each subsequent posters follows the same theme.

Roxane Gay photo courtesy of The Tuesday Agency
Natasha Tretheway photo courtesy of Blue Flower Arts
Jesmyn Ward photo courtesy of Simon & Schuster
Alison Bechdel photo courtesy of The Tuesday Agency

Creative Writing Month

October 2017 marked the Creative Writing Program’s biggest celebration yet.  I wanted the designs to be eye-catching and modern, so I chose to use The League of Moveable Type’s Raleway font in its thinnest weight with accents in Bodoni. The layout ties everything together, but each poster stands out from the others with its own bright, monochromatic color scheme.

The month-long schedule of activities was a huge departure from our usual department activities. The titles are meant to reflect that departure, extending beyond the edges of the page and changing size and alignment from one word to the next.

Poster for Creative Writing Month 2017

No Name Reading Series

No Name features the best in poetry and prose from graduate student writers in the English Department of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I designed this series of posters featuring “vintage” objects split into overlapping, slightly transparent cyan, magenta, and yellow images, reflecting the vintage aesthetic of that year’s venue. The black-backed titles are reminiscent of old school embossing label makers.

Poster for Poetry from the Plains reading in celebration of the site launch

Other Designs

Over the course of the last decade, I’ve worked with faculty, students, staff, and freelance clients to design a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Posters
  • Invitations
  • Banners and signs
  • Digital signage
  • Images for social media
  • Lookbooks and brochures
  • Online newsletters
  • Bookmarks
  • Business cards
  • Newspaper ads
  • Logos

Department Lookbooks

2019-2020 Lookbook (PDF)

2018-2019 Lookbook (PDF)

Business Cards

Mindful Movement

Department Newsletter

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