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Projects & Publications


 XML/XSLT project for Professor Amanda Gailey’s ENGL 478: Digital Archives and Editions class at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (with Taryn Collura and Lucas Holloway). Available at

Map of Manhattan with metadata and timeline overlays, as well as markers representing sheet music printers

A Ragtime Two-Step

Omeka project with Neatline interactive map and timeline for Professor James Coltrain’s ENGL 970: Digital History class at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Community forestry management plan proposal submitted to the Lincoln Parks and Recreation
Department as part of Professor Eric North’s NRES 857: Greenspace and Forestry Management course. I authored Section 4: Tree Selection and Maintenance (pp. 31-41) and served as copyeditor and graphic designer. PDF version available for download.


Captioning Streaming Video

For students in ENGL 216: Children’s Literature, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, June 21, 2016.

Uses of the Malay particle la in elicited monologues versus casual conversation

International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics 14, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, April 30, 2010.